Bearpaw Grips

Welcome to the new home of BearPaw Grips USA ..

Proudly hand built in the USA, by the Wilson Family, one pair at a time. Many of you have asked for more information about our grips, and a friendlier, easier way to find and buy from us, so watch us grow this site as time permits!

We do, however, occasionally "mess" with Mother Nature's color by adding our Yukon Gold dye to nice curly Maple.

Domestic woods like this walnut are a favorite .. we really like natural colors and allow the wood to express itself.

Really nice imports such as the above Amboyna are fun too, as you consider which BearPaw is right for you!

BearPaw Grips USA - Jackson Missouri

Bearpaw grips came about thru adversity, requiring me to design a safer grip for myself due to hand weakness following multiple surgeries due to an accident. Then upon the request of friends in need, I started building for others and the rest is history enjoy!

JB and Nancy Wilson